When selecting your plan, you will want to carefully evaluate your needs. For the most part, businesses will want to avail themselves of the advanced plan, as this offers the highest degree of functionality. However, the standard plan is available to business whose needs may not be great or who are testing the waters of cloud-based document management and file sharing services.

For consumers, it's merely as simple as deciding how many users will need access to your account.

Simply email support with your request, and they'll make the necessary changes. Once completed, you'll receive a confirmation, and the change will be apparent after your next login. The change in price will be reflected on your next bill.

For the free-trial period, you will not need to provide credit card information. To continue service after that period has expired, however, you will need to provide billing information.

Absolutely not. You can always use the browser-based version of Cabtera to upload and download files. However, if you're going to be dealing with a large file hierarchy, then we recommend using Cabtera agent for the best, fastest experience.