Cabtera provides an innovative and secure cloud-based document management and file-sharing service. It empowers users to synchronize their files across multiple devices, while also allowing for those files to be shared with users outside of the Cabtera system. Because of this, Cabtera provides the ideal solution for businesses large and small that deal with customers and employees who are spread across different geographical regions.

The true power of Cabtera lies within the way it facilitates collaboration. With this system, employees can work together in real-time on various projects, and information can be shared with customers and clients at a moment's notice. In the past, this kind of collaboration relied upon email, FTP servers, and external storage, none of which are capable of offering real-time interaction. Further, these methods of collaboration and sharing give rise to a number of issues: physical storage devices can be misplaced; IT departments may block large email attachments; and more.

Cabtera's document management and file-sharing service, which is enabled by cloud-based technology, changes the game entirely. With it, businesses are able to run more efficiently, and employees are empowered to collaborate in the most effective and efficient ways. Cabtera was designed from the ground up for this very purpose, and its goal is to meet the demands of today's businesses. To learn more about its features, click here.


Once activated, Cabtera will rapidly sync all of your important documents across different devices by replicating files into a mirror folder. You're also empowered to pick and choose which files and folders you'd like to sync.


After synchronization, how you choose to organize your folders is up to you. You can organize by department, owner, project, or however else. Whatever organizational method facilitates collaboration is the method you can use.


Files and folders can be easily shared with whomever you'd like, even if that person is not on the Cabtera system. If security is of the essence, then access codes and expiration dates can be employed for all shared links.