Cabtera offers a white-label solution, which can be used by partners in order to offer cloud-based document management and file-sharing services.

Document Scanning Service

We're proud to be partnered with a number of document scanning services. These services use the Cabtera system to make scanned files quickly, easily and securely available to their customers. This obviates the need to use physical storage media, for example DVDs and USB drives, which have a propensity to become lost. Further, the Cabtera system allows the scanning services' customers to easily search, sort and share their files.

Dictation and Transcription Management System

In partnership with a medical transcription service, Cabtera is excited to aid surgeons in their difficult work. Using a provided phone number, these surgeons can dictate their post-operative notes, which are then routed, transcribed, approved through the Cabtera system. If corrections are needed, the transcription can be edited or sent back through the system. Approved transcriptions can be passed on to billing.

Legal Discovery Service

Maintaining tight control over legal documents and evidence is paramount when a case is underway. With our partners, we're able to offer lawyers the ultimate solution for their discovery document needs. Using our system, lawyers and paralegals can easily search, sort and examine all the documents relevant to a case, enabling them to offer superior service to their clients.

If you'd like to explore a partnership with Cabtera, then get in touch today!