Cabtera's powerful and robust document management and file-sharing features are appropriate for a number of different businesses.


  • Patient Records

    One of our clients uses our system to manage a database of over 12,000 patient records. Rather than by occupying office space with rows of filing cabinets and wasting time sorting through them, patient records can be quickly and securely searched and accessed by the doctors who need them. This enables these professionals to offer better care to their patients.

  • Dictation/Transcription Management

    Through partnerships with transcription providers, surgeons can use a phone line to dictate a detailed record of a surgery. This dictation can then be transcribed, after which the surgeon can review and approve the transcription before submitting it to billing. To learn more about this service, contact us.


  • Client Records

    With Cabtera, lawyers can easily store the large number of records they have on file. Once uploaded, these files are then protected by our advanced encryption methods, and then further protected by the permissions model.

  • Litigation

    Any case-related documents can be uploaded easily to a case folder. After this, all actions that are taken with the documents are tracked by the system, and the permissions model protects the documents themselves.

  • Deal Room

    Using Cabtera, your clients can quickly and securely upload relevant documents, such as financial records and contracts, to the deal room area. Should you need to, you can audit any document's history to view previous versions.